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All of are customers are treated as if they were family we do not judge anybody, everybody has an equal opportunity  

We offer the finance program to anybody that has a balance due of $700.00 or more

now  in order to get this approved make sure you have 3 months worth of bank statements and proof of Income.  So the way it works you and one of  our Project Managers will agree on a set price and the date to make your payments. Lets say you have a balance due of 3,400 and you want to pay $250 to $300 every month on the 5th we will sign an agreement contract stating that you agree to pay this much every month until balance is payed off. Interest Rate on these payments will apply to your balance. IF (YOU ARE LATE)  each day you are late their is a 5 to 10% late fee charged on to your balance and will continue to add on to your balance until payed off. Need a Loan we work with different banks to get you the right loan, we have the best Finance Team to help you get those projects done.

Need to Finance Fill out an online credit app right next to this text and we will get our finance manager to look at the numbers for you with filling this out you are giving us permission to run your credit through a Loan service to A. Help you build up credit as well B. To get your home projects done at the time that you do not have the funds.